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Beneath the epithelium of the vascular areas is smooth muscle. Highly innervatedthe glans exists at the tip of the clitoral body as a fibro -vascular cap, [27] and is usually the size big lips of vagina shape of a pea, although it is sometimes much larger or smaller. The vagnia glans, or the big lips of vagina clitoris, is estimated to have about 8, sensory nerve endings.

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Judy norton nude the clitoral xxx son forced mom becomes engorged with blood upon sexual arousalerecting the clitoral glanssome sources describe the clitoral glans and labia minora as composed of non-erectile tissue; this is especially the case for the glans.

Other descriptions of the glans assert that it is composed of erectile tissue and that erectile tissue is present within the labia minora. The two corpora forming the clitoral body are surrounded by thick fibro-elastic big lips of vagina albuginea, literally meaning "white covering", connective tissue.

The clitoral body extends up to several vagnia before reversing direction and branching, resulting in an inverted "V" shape that extends as a pair of crura "legs". Ending at the glans of the clitoris, the tip of the body bends anteriorly away from the pubis.

There is no identified correlation between the size big lips of vagina the clitoral glans, or clitoris as a whole, and a woman's age, height, ljps, use of hormonal contraceptionkf being post-menopausalalthough women who have given birth may have significantly larger clitoral measurements.

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A study concluded that the total clitoral length, including big lips of vagina and body, is The clitoral hood projects at the front of the labia commissurewhere the edges of the labia majora outer lips meet at the black phat black booty nude gallery pics of the pubic mound; it is partially formed by fusion of the upper part of the external folds of the labia minora inner lips and covers the glans and external shaft.

The vestibular bulbs are more closely related to the clitoris than the vestibule because of the similarity of the trabecular and erectile tissue within the clitoris and bulbs, and the absence of trabecular tissue in other genital organs, with the erectile tissue's trabecular nature allowing engorgement and expansion during sexual arousal. When engorged with blood, they cuff the vaginal opening and cause the vulva to expand outward.

The big lips of vagina and penis pussy lips labia generally the same anatomical structure, although the distal portion or opening of the urethra big lips of vagina absent in the clitoris of humans and most other animals. The idea that males have clitorises was suggested in by researcher Josephine Lowndes Sevely, who theorized that the male corpora cavernosa a pair of sponge-like regions of erectile tissue which contain most of the blood in the penis during penile erection are the true counterpart of the clitoris.

She argued that "the male clitoris" is directly beneath the rim of the glans peniswhere the frenulum of prepuce of the penis a big lips of vagina of the prepuce is located, and proposed that this area be called the "Lownde's crown.

It also has a shaft that is attached to the glans.

vagina big lips of

The male corpora cavernosa are homologous to the corpus cavernosum clitoridis the big lips of vagina cavernosa big lips of vagina, the bulb of penis also known as the bulb of the corpus spongiosum penis is homologous to the vestibular bulbs beneath the labia minora, and the scrotum is homologous to the labia minora and labia majora.

Upon anatomical study, the penis can big lips of vagina kareena kapoor boobs picture as a clitoris that has been mostly pulled out of the body and grafted on top of a significantly smaller piece of spongiosum containing the urethra. For example, while some sources estimate that the human penis has 4, nerve endings, [3] other sources state that the glans or the entire penile structure have the same amount of nerve endings as the clitoral glans, [42] or discuss whether the uncircumcised penis has thousands more than the circumcised penis or is generally more sensitive.

Some sources state that in contrast to the glans penis, the clitoral glans lacks smooth muscle within its fibrovascular cap and is thus differentiated from the erectile tissues of the clitoris and bulbs; additionally, bulb size varies and may be dependent on age and estrogenization.

The thin corpus spongiosum of the penis runs along the underside of the penile kelli berglund fake pics imagefap, enveloping the urethra, and big lips of vagina at the end to form the glans. It partially contributes to erection, which are primarily caused by the two corpora cavernosa that comprise the bulk of the shaft; like the female cavernosa, junior nudes male cavernosa soak up blood and become erect when sexually excited.

The clitoris has an abundance of nerve endings, and is the human female's most sensitive erogenous zone and generally the primary anatomical source of human female sexual pleasure. Sexual stimulation, including arousal, may result from mental stimulation, foreplay with a sexual big lips of vaginaor masturbationand may lead to orgasm. Due to the glans's high sensitivity, direct stimulation to it is not always pleasurable; instead, direct stimulation to the hood or the areas near the glans are often more pleasurable, with the majority of women preferring to use the hood to stimulate the glans, or to have the glans rolled between the lips of the labia, for indirect touch.

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This might be with or without manual penetration of the vagina, while other women enjoy having the entire area big lips of vagina the vulva caressed. As the clitoris's external location does not allow for direct stimulation by sexual penetration, any external clitoral stimulation while in the missionary position usually results from the pubic bone area, the movement of the groins when in contact. As such, some couples may engage in the woman-on-top position or the coital alignment techniquea sex position combining the "riding high" variation of the missionary position with pressure-counterpressure movements performed by each partner in rhythm with sexual penetration, to maximize clitoral stimulation.

During sexual arousal, the clitoris and the whole of the genitalia big lips of vagina and change vagna as the erectile tissues fill with blood vasocongestionand the individual experiences vaginal contractions.

This is what leads to clitoral erection.

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The clitoral glans doubles in diameter upon arousal, and, upon further stimulation, it becomes less visible as it is covered by the swelling big lips of vagina tissues of the clitoral hood.

General statistics indicate that 70—80 percent of women require direct clitoral big lips of vagina consistent manual, oral or other concentrated friction against the external parts of the clitoris to reach orgasm. Prominent debate over the quantity of vaginal nerve endings began with Alfred Kinsey. Although Sigmund Freud 's theory that clitoral orgasms are a prepubertal or adolescent phenomenon and that vaginal or G-spot orgasms are something that only physically mature females experience had been criticized before, Kinsey was the first researcher to harshly criticize the theory.

Irvine stated that he "criticized Freud and other theorists for projecting big lips of vagina constructs of sexuality onto women" and "viewed the clitoris as the main center of sexual response". He considered the vagina to be "relatively unimportant" for sexual satisfaction, relaying that "few women inserted fingers or objects into their vaginas when they masturbated".

Believing that vaginal orgasms are mzansi bigpussy pics physiological impossibility" because the vagina has insufficient nerve endings for sexual pleasure or climax, he "concluded that satisfaction from penile penetration [is] mainly psychological or perhaps the result free mobile porn game referred sensation".

vagina big lips of

bg Masters and Johnson 's research, as well as Big lips of vagina Hite 's, generally supported Kinsey's findings about the female orgasm. They observed that both clitoral and vaginal orgasms have the same lipw of physical response, and found that the majority of their shobana nude could only achieve clitoral orgasms, while big lips of vagina minority achieved vaginal orgasms. On that basis, they argued that clitoral stimulation is the source of both kinds of orgasms, [93] reasoning that the clitoris is stimulated during penetration by friction against its hood.

Lombard Kelly], Kinsey, and Masters and Johnson, to mention just a few sources, litle girls pussy is no ignorance on the subject [of the female orgasm]," she stated in her article The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm.

She added, "There are, vgaina, social reasons why this knowledge has not been popularized. We are living in a male society which has not sought change in women's role.

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Supporting an anatomical relationship between the clitoris nig vagina is a study published inwhich investigated the size of the clitoris; Australian urologist Helen O'Connell, described as having initiated discourse among mainstream medical professionals to refocus on and redefine the clitoris, noted a direct relationship between the legs or roots of the clitoris and the erectile tissue of the clitoral bulbs big lips of vagina corpora, and the distal urethra and vagina while using magnetic resonance imaging MRI technology.

Inthey gigantic boobs porn big nipples the first complete 3D sonography of the stimulated clitoris, and republished it in with new research, demonstrating the ways in which erectile tissue of the clitoris engorges big lips of vagina surrounds the vagina.

On the basis of their findings, they argued that women blg be able to achieve vaginal orgasm via stimulation of the G-spot, because the highly innervated clitoris is pulled closely to the anterior wall of the vagina when the woman is sexually aroused and big lips of vagina vaginal penetration. They assert that since the front wall of the vagina is inextricably linked with the internal parts of the clitoris, big lips of vagina the vagina without activating the clitoris may be next to impossible.

In their published study, the "coronal planes during perineal contraction and finger penetration hot xxx pics of bbc with big oions booty a close relationship between the root of the clitoris and the anterior vaginal wall".

The Biy being analogous to the base of the male penis has additionally been theorized, with sentiment from researcher Amichai Kilchevsky that because female fetal development is the "default" state in the gig of substantial exposure to male hormones and therefore the penis is essentially a clitoris enlarged by such hormones, there is no evolutionary reason why females would have an entity in addition to the clitoris that can produce orgasms.

Big lips of vagina the fagina is vestigialan adaptationor serves a reproductive function has also been debated. It is not especially lios, brightly colored, specifically shaped or selectively displayed during courtship. He said the human clitoris "could have evolved to be much more conspicuous if males o preferred sexual bkg with larger brighter clitorises" and that big lips of vagina inconspicuous design combined with its exquisite bug suggests that the clitoris is important not as an object of male mate choice, but as a mechanism of female choice.

While Miller stated that male scientists such as Stephen Jay Gould and Donald Symons "have viewed the female clitoral orgasm as an evolutionary side-effect of fat naked black ass male capacity for penile orgasm" and that they "suggested that clitoral orgasm cannot be an adaptation because it is too hard to achieve", [] Gould acknowledged that "most female orgasms emanate gig a clitoral, rather than vaginal or best indian tits othersite" and that his nonadaptive belief "has been widely misunderstood as a denial of either the adaptive value jamaican sex pics female orgasm in general, or even as a claim that female orgasms lack significance in some broader sense".

vagina of big lips

vagiba He said that although he accepts that "clitoral orgasm plays a pleasurable and central role big lips of vagina female sexuality and its joys," "[a]ll these favorable attributes, however, emerge just as clearly and just as easily, whether the clitoral site of orgasm arose as a spandrel or an adaptation". He added that the "male biologists who fretted over [the adaptionist questions] simply assumed that a deeply vaginal site, nearer the region kenya bbw fat pussy pics fertilization, would offer greater selective benefit" big lips of vagina to their Darwiniansummum bonum beliefs about enhanced reproductive success.

Similar to Gould's beliefs about adaptionist vagian and that "females grow nipples as adaptations for suckling, and males grow smaller unused nipples as a spandrel based upon the value of single development channels", [] Elisabeth Lloyd suggested that there is little evidence to support big lips of vagina adaptionist account of female orgasm. Chivers stated that "Lloyd views female orgasm as an ontogenetic leftover; women have orgasms because the urogenital neurophysiology for orgasm is so strongly selected for in males that this developmental blueprint gets expressed in females without affecting fitness" and this is similar to "males hav[ing] nipples that serve no fitness-related function.

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At the conference for Canadian Society big lips of vagina Women in PhilosophyNancy Tuana argued that the clitoris is unnecessary in reproduction; she stated that it has been ignored because of "a fear of pleasure. It is pleasure separated from reproduction. The truth is that both are and both are reproductive.

Modifications to the clitoris can be intentional or unintentional. vagiina

lips of vagina big

vagiina They include female genital big lips of vagina FGMsex reassignment surgery for trans men as part transitioningwhich may also include clitoris enlargementintersex surgeryand genital piercings. Those taking bug or other medications as part of a transgender transition usually experience dramatic clitoral growth; individual desires and the difficulties of phalloplasty construction of a penis often result in the retention of the original genitalia with the enlarged clitoris as a penis analogue metoidioplasty.

lips vagina big of

In big lips of vaginathe clitoris may be removed as part of a radical vulvectomy to treat cancer such as vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia ; however, modern treatments favor more conservative approaches, as invasive vsgina can have psychosexual consequences. In reduction clitoroplasty, big lips of vagina common intersex surgery, the glans is preserved and parts of the erectile bodies are excised. He stated that although "expectations can be standardized within these few parameters, operative techniques have purenudism girl yet become homogeneous.

Investigators have preferred different operations for different ages of patients". Gender assessment and surgical treatment are the two main steps in intersex operations.

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Later, it was understood that the clitoris glans and sensory input are important to facilitate orgasm," stated Atilla. The clitoral glans's big lips of vagina "has high cutaneous sensitivity, which is important in sexual big lips of vagina and it is because of this that "recession clitoroplasty was later devised as an alternative, but reduction clitoroplasty is the method currently performed. What is often referred to as " clit piercing " is the more common and significantly less tumblr blog nude clitoral hood piercing.

vagina big lips of

Since clitoral piercing is big lips of vagina and very painful, piercing of the clitoral hood is more common than piercing the clitoral shaft, owing to the small percentage of people who are anatomically suited for it. The triangle piercing is a very deep horizontal hood piercing, and is done behind the clitoris as opposed to in front of it.

of big vagina lips

For styles such as the Isabellawhich pass through the clitoral shaft hot open pussy are placed deep at the base, big lips of vagina provide unique stimulation and still require the proper genital build; the Isabella starts between the clitoral glans and the urethra, exiting at the top og the clitoral hood; this piercing is highly risky with regard to damage that may occur because of intersecting nerves.

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