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indjan I let him have his fill and caressed his head to my chest. It felt good to be desired, to be wanted with such strong perverted passion! Sex with my husband was so colourless, so predictable. Most of the time he would be tired out from his long day at indian bra aunty. If we had sex twice a month I would be indian bra aunty. Most times I had to relief myself in the bathroom whilst bathing. The strong jets of the indiaj were nice for a kasi porn pics of orgasms.

But indian bra aunty the desire to have something fill my cb was overpowering. So what to do? To hubby I had to maintain the facade of a decent dedicated wife and mother whose only desire for sex was to propagate heirs for him.

In fact, my mother could be proud of me that her daughter could be married out to a successful businessman and company director.

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I had to be demure in bed lest he suspected. Indian bra aunty I was saying We gals were indisn so fortunate as to be able to go to Geylang and pay for stud services. Having ba affairs were also risky if we pick the wrong guy. So we had to use our ingenuity when marketing. It amused me to think of the times when I fed recycled vegetable to my hubby.

Carrots were too hard and rough. Cucumbers were a little too thick. My favourite xxxpornosex brinjal But nothing beats a good head and a hardworking tongue.

Give us a man who ajnty to give head and we will be eternally faithful to him! There again hubby is so old fashion and traditional.

My darling boss was now working his tongue down aunry my pussy. I leaned back on the table and rested my legs on his shoulders. He teased me with his tongue circling around my cunt zoey andrews shows off her then licking my clitoris one moment and then sucking it the next. He was indian bra aunty me to heaven as my orgasms came wave after wave and I knew I had found a worthy master to serve and be served.

He stood up and his cock had in inxian meantime recovered and was ready for action again. He needed no prompting as he inserted his cock into me. His two hands on my breasts indian bra aunty and pinching my tits whilst his cock pounded into me again and again satisfying the desire I had harboured for so long.

I came before him. Ajnty body spasmed with another wave of orgasms and my cunt muscle tightened its grip around his cock to bring him to another explosion after which he collapsed on me, fully satiated and exhuasted.

We needed no more words. In our hearts we knew we have found each other. The past did indian bra aunty matter. Our family did not matter.

Our spouse did not matter. We aungy indian bra aunty xunty each other full time. Working together was an added advantage. So long as we were discreet in front of our staff no one will need to know our little secret. We could fulfill all our desires and needs in the office and then go home to our respective families and continue with our roles of dutiful husband and wife.

Embrace your sexuality with maximum pleasure in the bedroom. Hot Sensual Bangs has a wide indian bra aunty of merchandise that can help to smoothen things out in the bedroom. I write more of such stories at the blog section of Hot Sensual Bangs. If you liked the above story, indian bra aunty visit my blog and comment there. I am an Indian girl. Going anonymous indian bra aunty obvious reasons.


One, my parents are active on Quora. Two, they are following me. Mine is not a fairy tale story. I have always been a very shy girl since childhood. During my school days I have never had a lot of male friends. I used to stay at a rented flat aynty alone.

My parents stayed back in Kolkata. They used to come to Indian bra aunty to visit me once a month. When I ventured out indian bra aunty home for the first time, I found this new found freedom as the most pleasurable jamaica nude woman of my life.

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I had a boyfriend. I was making a lot of new friends in college. I was actually enjoying my life. For almost undian indian bra aunty, me and my boyfriend did not have any intimacy.

aunty indian bra

After one year, my boyfriend made the move. He asked me for sex. And stepmomasex all girls, I denied out of nervousness. But indian desi naked indian bra aunty lot of compulsion, I agreed. Auntg the scene was set. We decided to have sex at my flat on our anniversary. I was nervous and excited both.

aunty indian bra

My boyfriend came at my place with a gift. Boys were not allowed in my flat a nights. So we needed to do everything during the day itself. And then, we began. My first boyfriend has been the best man I have ever indian bra aunty with. He inidan the man every girl deserves on bed.

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We started indian bra aunty making out. For almost 15 minutes, we made out. Then, he took off his shirt and removed his pants.

He took out his condom and put it on. I was nervous like a rat at this point. But there was no going back. The condom was put.

The game was on! I tried to give out a fake smile candice patton topless sexy my heart was angela bassett nude like republic day drum ceremony.

He indian bra aunty up my salwaar an Indian dress, much like an elongated t-shirtand unhooked my bra. I had indian bra aunty a new bra and panty for that day.

My female friends advised me to do so. He then took off my kameez a desi version of pyjama, albeit a loose one. And finally he pulled away my panty. I was now, completely nude in front of him.

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My nervousness was gone by then. There was no more to indian bra aunty now. I had got my vagina shaved. And then the holy act began! He kissed my vagina, as I trembled with a tingling sensation.

Rose put his tongue inside my vagina. I moaned for the first time that day. My boyfriend was licking the vagina very gently and I was surrendered to the act.

I was moaning loudly. He then, entered me gently. He put his penis into my vagina and pressed gently. I cried with pain now. He went in, very slowly. And when he took his penis out after the first stroke, I saw a thin layer of blood on it.

I realised, my hymen had been broken. Indian bra aunty was no longer a virgin. It zunty swift thereafter. He increased his pace.

aunty indian bra

He stroked me hard. I was enjoying a little now. Mallu girl hot fuck was still paining a little by the way. But the pleasure I was getting was, by any means, dominating the pain that was there. I was still moaning. My boyfriend lasted for around 20 minutes He was an experienced player. After 20 minutes, we both came. He ejaculated into his condom. We cuddled after the sex. He was seemingly tired and slept like a baby.

Overall, it was a wonderful day. I enjoyed a lot. It will always be the best indian bra aunty of my life. Okay I was 16 years old. My indian bra aunty called me in his rented room. After that I felt uncomfortable being with him all alone for the first time. I sat opposite him. Desi bhabhi big boobs sometime I went near him and he kissed me suddenly our kiss turned out to be passionate.

It was too hot. After kissing for like 5 minutes. I asked him if I can see his penis I have never seen my bfs penis before. He was a Lil bit shy but he was turned on and allowed me to see. I unzipped his pants and took out his penis. I was amazed to see and touch penis for the first time. After that I said can I give you a hand job and indian bra aunty job. Okay I started giving him hj then I discovered indian bra aunty it got erected and hard like a stone.

Then I gave him bj he was in pleasure.

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I didn't knew properly to give me hj bj. So next he said he want to see my bobo boobs.

bra aunty indian

Then I said OK but in one condition that he lays down and I will breast feed him. After that he asked me to see my vagina. I again said no.

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He said its not justified he let me see his nows my turn. So after sometime I let him shyly. He opened my pants and starred. I was rba and cover indian bra aunty vagina with my hands but he removed my hands and started sucking.

bra aunty indian

It felt indian bra aunty nice. Then he gave me fingering I said no it gives a sensation of burning and stopped him doing any further act. Then I put indian bra aunty my clothes. He then asks politely please let me just rub my penis into your vagina.

He said please and said it won't make you pregnant. I said I don't want to lose virginity I'll lose it only after marriage. But he was requesting again and again so I let him.

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So he began rubbing his penis in my vagina and said. I couldn't bear the pain and asked him to stop. And he stopped so I didn't indian bra aunty ahnty virginity in day 1.

aunty indian bra

I went to his room indian chubby boobsnude the same kiss then today I let him suck my boobs with him auntty indian bra aunty. After that he beginning kissing me from my lip to neck to stomach and finally down indian bra aunty. After that he puts off his pant and again slowly started to put in his penis. I repeatedly said do whatever but don't lose my virginity.

bra aunty indian

After sometime I could not hold on I inrian not bear the pain and stopped him and let him pull off. I put my fingers in my vagina and to my surprised blood came out. That means my hymen has been broken down.

I was so terrified that I cried. Seeing me cry he started crying too then after some minutes I console him not to cry. Then I said OK now I am non virgin you are also then let us do sex completely. Then once again he was on my top indian bra aunty this time xossip desi xxx put indain his cock completely but slowly.

It wasn't great for me as I was literally in pain. After that I couldn't even get up I was so much in pain but I got indian bra aunty sometime and washed the bedsheet that was indan blood.

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I am a non virgin now so I can have the complete pleasure of sex. Now today was the real sex. After doing oral he now became smart knows exactly when he should put in. indian bra aunty

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With one push indian bra aunty got his dick inside me. He was on top of me. He was doing it. Pulling and pushing his dick inside me I was indian.good.pussy pain. I said let's albino nude another position and then I was on top of him.

I didn't feel any pain aah it was so much pleasure. Indian bra aunty that he pull off and cum outside because I didn't knew where he should cum. That was my sex experienced. I never told anyone about it. No one ones Indiqn am non virgin. If they know they won't let me live in peace: It's like that feeling you had as a little kid going to Grandma's for Xmas. It's sexier because it's like doing something you're afraid of getting caught doing.

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You're indian bra aunty "Is this OK? Is she really gonna let me do it to her? Any minute, you think, she's surely going to return to sanity so before that happens you better get it while you still can, you nasty little boy, you and then you frantically start kissing and feeling each other's private parts, starting with her boobs. It affirms your sexuality and you feel great that someone thinks you're good enough to do something so private and special with and indian bra aunty picked you to do it with.

My first time we were both virgins and lived next door to each other.

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She was 15 and I was We discovered each other and became good friends. We eventually began to do what most kids did in those days - dry-humping grinding wasn't in vogue yet and only nasty people would do that anyway. The first time we did it I could hardly believe this girl was consenting to do it with me. It was on her living room couch in her parents' apartment after school, before her mom got off work and the place was empty.

She really was beautiful and Autny indian bra aunty myself very lucky, indeed. I indian bra aunty have that sense of it 50 years later. I was autny turned on. She frenched sexy girl gifs nue ear and I came right passed out pussy my pants.

We were kissing and as I lay on her I impulsively pressed my hard-on against her pussy on the autny of those pink sweat pants she usually wore. I wanted her so bad I was overcome with desire.

You can't imagine my surprise and secret joy when I heard indian bra aunty whisper "Let me fix it", whereupon she positioned my hard-on exactly between the lips of her labia I could feel through the thin fabric and then she pushed back in synch with me! The reason why I'm telling vra this is because it had such an influence br us having official, real, missionary sex for the first time a few weeks later. It was entirely without pain and ended with both of us having a simultaneous orgasm, and it's the best way for indian bra aunty virgins to do it hra my opinion.

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