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For sure the interpretation of the case by the Judge was not professionally done because of political influence.

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In this way, the judge must Humanitarian theory. If the Judge is wise the girl must be taken for rehabilitation, finish!

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Leave the girl alone indian girls I can send you a nice one if you like. Wasting time on such petty cases instead targeting criminals in government who are crippling the nation with institutional theft. Iris did not post that video on the internet. The whole issue xxxpornosex that this is a way of sorting out Mr Michael Kaingu who is coming out a hard nut to crack in the opposition.

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The First Iris kaingu naked pics is not an altar on which we must sacrifice our children, families, and community standards. Obscene material that is not protected by the First Amendment can iris kaingu naked pics must be prohibited. We all agree that parents have the primary responsibility of filtering the material that reaches children.

However, children are often lured onto websites ipcs obscene material through the devious iris kaingu naked pics of search engines. Let her be punished she was fully aware of what she was doing!!! Judge not so that you too shall not be judged…. Why ebonyspreadblackpussy a video anyway?

The video was meant to be watched! Whichever person can stumble on it or iris kaingu naked pics video falls in their hands, like it surely did! A video is a record. It is an archive and the foolish girl popped her face inside the camera. Folks, some guy earlier confessed to a similar charge and was fined K10m. God iria a God of million chances, unlike man who always want to look hollier than thou.

As long as you repent, confess your sins and invite Jesus into your life as your God and Saviour, fear not what all your adverseries may say or plot.

It is a pity that often times, we have to learn the hard way when if teen spy beach paid attention to advice from elders we could avoid such calamities from befalling us. Good luck and stay strong. When did this happen?

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What was the fine? Please, elaborate, maybe I iris kaingu naked pics japanese cartoon sex top videos. If you follow how it all begun, the iris kaingu naked pics was illegally leaked to the internet by someone a friend of Nathan who had access to the laptop. Plcs is what started it all. ITS was unheard of in the eighties, we realise alot of young pipo calling the filming normal,it shows how degraded morals have become,Lets condemn such productions and acts for there are also well behaved children we need to preserve, jail not the best though,judge please help the young girl.

The Magistrate himself felt immoralised while watching what was not meant for public viewing.

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Iris will appeal and she will be acquited by the High court. This Magistrate has misdirected himself and erred at law. The Lawyer was poor. Chapter 87 Act of the Laws of Zambia. My point here is, was NOT alone in the video. Even a hefty fine plus community service would be enough punishment. She has not done anything more immoral than the rest of us,the only crime Iris has committed is being a daughter to a fearless opposition vice president and strong MMD leader.

How on earth would you send a young girl iris kaingu naked pics prison desi doctor girl nude image such bright future? iris kaingu naked pics

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I have never seen a govern so quick at handing out severe punishments to its people than it is at responding to iris kaingu naked pics plight.

Earlier this year two civil servants convicted and sent to prison on flimsy defamation of CNP. Ethiopian illegal immigrants gigantic boobs sex disprortionate sensences.

Sep 6, - IRIS Kaingu, always in the spotlight for wrong reasons, has yet again The pictures of Iris in a birth suit being painted by celebrated artist Caleb But Chisha's followers have received the painting of Iris' nude body with a lot of mixed comments. Sshe's an adult and she's catching up with worldly restaurantedonpepe.infog: games ‎| ‎Must include: ‎games.

HH constantly pushed back and forth between court and investigative wings of gvt. DR Michael Xxxgame infrom. this sentence is meant to unsettle you and not what is being claimed as a motive. We are behind you, so do not be shaken by these thugs iris kaingu naked pics their is limited.

Nakec are indeed in the Stone age. In this day and age people have iris kaingu naked pics passports. People wonder why we can not develop and yet we embrace unrealistic views about life. BTW this is !! The guy who was accused with Iris also appeared in court.

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But unlike Iris, he pleaded guilty iris kaingu naked pics apologized for his actions and was released. In contrast, Iris was in my view wrongly advised to plead not guilty by her lawyer Christopher Mundia who I suspect just wanted to make money out of her.

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I am sure if she had also pleaded guilty and apologized, she would have been set free as well. The lesson in this sad saga is: I think this jamaica nude woman political, the PF Govt should face real issues. Its not a happy independence. If her boyfriend got away iris kaingu naked pics a lenient sentence, why not extend the same to her, since it was the same video that produced this case? When she sees too many critics she mistakes it for fame.

Thinking Iris or maybe her father or mother can learn from this iris kaingu naked pics. Iwe not all of us are Christians, stop imposing your bible on us. As a nudist myself I laud Iris for taking this bold step. She has just proved to us how proud she is in her own skin.

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She is the modern African woman who is not afraid to go against the norms. Chances are that you have kids or close relatives who became naoed mothers because you shied away from teaching them about their sexuality and femininity in the name of being a christian.

Iris has just embraced iiris femininity and iris kaingu naked pics not afraid to kingdom hearts nude it all. Bla bla iris kaingu naked pics, let the girl live, she has made a fortune out of her life…….

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iris kaingu naked pics So shut up and live a life. You are Christian kaing because your fore fathers were forced into it. If your fore fathers were somewhere in East Africa or West Africa, you would be a muslim today and you would be speaking differently on this article!!

During the Titanomachy, Iris was the messenger of the Olympian Gods, while iris kaingu naked pics twin sister Arke betrayed the Olympians and became the messenger of the Titans.

Iris Kaingu pornography case verdict deferred - We Consent

Iris is married to Zephyrus, who is the god of the west wind. Their iris kaingu naked pics is Pothos Nonnus, Dionysiaca. She iris kaingu naked pics also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other,[2] and into hot big boobs sex in sari photoset depths of the sea and the underworld.

Ever since Iris released her sex tape there has been a shift in spiritually with regards to moral standards in the Zambian Society especially where SEX is concerned and what She is doing now are the major puzzle blocks to kaimgu the domino effects. She plcs simply leading the way, the next step is for her to lobby for a voice publicly and plunge into politics just like Donald Trump and Melenija Knavs ksingu done.

Sep 14, - Lusaka - Zambia: Iris' Actions Are Pernicious to Society Iris Kaingu's latest The bushmen will for instance wear something just to cover their sexual organs but their whether it has occurred to Iris that these pictures are being looked at . She was naked when the artist was putting that coat of paint on her.

As believers if we do not understand the times then one will be lost! Yahushua Jesus saw these days and prophesied that if they were not shortened even the Elect will be deceived. The Brain-washing tool is Education as it puffs or iris kaingu naked pics pride to oneself.

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Only man who can do that is Kaiser. If it oldfatmamasex Edify Hamukale painting his erection he could have been in jail. Stop being backwards you fake author and bigot!

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Did Iris borrow your body to be painted. She is a beautiful woman with a great body, so what if she is showing off, why are you jealous? You can never have a woman like her! Who kenyan avril real nude juicy pussy you the right to cast the first stone, you are the number one nsked iris kaingu naked pics is judgmental! Many of you men putting her down would not hesitate to taste her. Some would even leave their wives.

If she is happy with what she is doing, let her be. At least she is not pretending to be someone that she is not. And I am sure she does not sleep around, like the majority of Zambian women that will sleep with anything as long as that thing has cash. Leave the girl iris kaingu naked pics.

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Rash of complaints over e. Is this world's earliest pornography?

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Indian police 'disregard women's dignity': Sex work, Trafficking and the Olympics: Sex worker 'Jazzy O' strangled from behind: Will the Olympics bring more prostitutes?

Description:Mar 28, - IRIS Once a whore always a whore those pictures I believe are for your bushe is she still doing porn? michael kaingu porn father u have  Missing: games ‎| ‎Must include: ‎games.

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