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I think, low hum of the amplifier forming a kind of ultra-dense sonic silt. The tambourine is there on its own, f No U-Turn bass is on its own, the is much nicer on the ear and it sounds brilliant in a club. But what I do here is specialise in packing together a lot of frequencies.

Kinky Blonde Lezbo Make Out On The Couch result is like a mighty wall sound. There's a force comes out of clashing frequencies which is do with all the extra hum and tape hiss reverb which shouldn't be there.

This is the digital age where has power to makesoundssuper-clean. I'm into putting the whole mix through really shitty box which gives it all onesound again, even though, technically, might be shit. A track will be stepping along and suddenly a massive of distorted bass frequencies will and over the whole track like a sonic lava flow. If the leaping reggae-style basslines of the "jump up" method are designed to get the crowd on its feet, the No U-Turn gif girl model nude provides theequivalentof an arrested "rush", an all-consuming sonic experience closer to fear and paranoia than ecstasy.

It does interfere with what you're hearing, and It should. It's kind of like real life. If you're walking down a street and a bus goes past, you can't hear what someone is saying to you because this much greater noise come and interfered. Even Nico himself admits being hooked, steadily xxx.hd.tubutts.bilek.big.xom the pleasures offered by other sounds, becoming Immersed the total digital blackout with which his music overpowers the listener.

I've gone down this route. I've put things in my head. I've exposed myself to Metalheadz Sunday Sessions loud, and that's my fuel now. I'm looking to get smacked ha rd!

A far cry from the invisible binary workings of the computer. If you go into a factory, boy do you hear some rhythm! When I machinery operating I'm automatically filling in an Amen break in my head.

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Up in the control room, the beats run and run, whether It's DJ Fierce playing on turntables or Nico plugging his pocket real aunty sexy in saree Into the mixingdeskand running somesoundtrack strings over a Amen

Each track is made in one night. Although we do an arrangement on the computer, a lot of it is a live dub. Three minutes in and I'm feeling, 'Hey, we need more distortion at this point!

That's how you 'Metropolis' or Photek records. There are a lot of accidents going on at No U- Turn. When De La Soul were recording Three High And Rising', they said that if they spilt milk on the turntable and it sounded, it was on the record. That's very much the attitude here. Nico excitedly waves a print-out of the artwork for album black sexy phat ass woman depictsa chromium-plated cyborg fusion.

This, hesays, of the organic us and the technological the chip Is fundamental to the No U-Turn vision. Ten hoursof beats, everyday for four years. What does that do to your brain? I obviously dig repetition in a way. I've heard some of these tracks two or three hundred times.

It appears the futuristic correlations come from Trace and Ed Rush rather than Nico. I don't believe people visit this planet at all. I'm operating on the idea we are completely on our own.

I'm just absorbed with the sound. I don't lotsofimagesofrushing steel corridors fighting aliens or exploring some zone.

Cyborgs crossing the Westway into Hammersmith. Council estate kids wired for electronic revolutions. The need for new fibres. Fired up with fat women sex movie breakbeat vision, he is the visual wizard Nico has asked to prepare a video storyboard for an MTV special.

Whatever the music means to Nico visually, those around him are hallucinating on possibilities. So, in keeping with the DIY genesis of hardcore, he decided to set up a in his house and go to work with Ed Rush on the track which would become their calling-card on the scene, "Bludclot Artattack", still a fearsome slice of darkcore "made over a few Sundays in my loft with fibreglass falling down from the roof and my girlfriend going insane downstairs at this horrible beat".

It felt like it was the real deal and would one be what was called normal. Through series of chance meetings and strange coincidences, turned out that his future collaborators right there on his in south-west London. Trace yards up the road and Ed Rush was 10 yards opposite.

Fierce happens to come from down the road, as It's a very snotty, middle-class place, but part of the kick of it. And if you're operating machines, to have someone is very sure wonderful and very rare.

I have serious reservations about him too, and he real frontal pussywide about me. If everyone's happy, you're going to makesomething nasty. And although that arrangement lies at the heart of what No U-Turn have produced to date, Nico has to push himself, and by extension the label, even further towards the outer limits.

I'm producing a DJ. When I release a Nico record, which I haven't done yet but will doing this year, I think people will see the difference. Nobody gets points past us! Gun in the jungle Goldie. Ammo nitrate Randall. Special thanks to everybody at National Paintballing Games.

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Record your favourite music digitally. Get your musical taste in order MiniDisc. You can record it, it delete it without gaps, all at the touch of a button., with sound quality, you'll like what you play. The disconcerting and sonically distorted melodies were eventually marvelled at because they suited her tales of Introspection. An American living in London for the last eight years, Jhelisa Anderson is not only the former lead singer with Soul Family Sensation and featured artist with The Shamen but is also the cousin of Carleen, the ex-lead vocalist of The Young

All of which impacted on "Galactica Rush" as much as it does on its forthcoming successor, "Language Electric". An aural perusal through the new album as much Dixieland jazz and desi nude photo shoot photos soul as It does material waiting to be accepted into the bosom of dance. Her brooding, prone to as much sentimentality as the next singer but more insightful most, makes package will be too much for those who like their music and lyrics on a lateral plain.

However, it be a sensory for those who yearn for the opposite. But Jhelisa's been experimenting with her musical profile all her, beginning,, at four years I had one of them.

While xxx.indian boobs aunty in saree Imagine the Anderson dynasty jamming and getting on the good foot on every occasion Jhelisa's sister Pamela sings with Incognito, Carleen's mother and stepfather were in James Brown's bandJhelisa remembers it more as gigging for survival.

Leaving home for California, she worked as a receptionist at Motown before joining her first "paid-up" musical influences of her solo work which is getting the salutes during that period. Cognac was my friend. The two singles she appeared on, "Phorever People" and "Love, Sex, Intelligence" were released at a time when singers would guest on tracks as a favour for friends.

I felt the concept they were going for simplehotgirlxxx strong,, brave and different.

They had a history prior the popularity of a lot of the bands which I admired, so when they me to do the tracks, I thought, 'This will be fun, something new: I didn't know both tracks would end up in the bloody Top Ten in the bloody charts!

Or kerala aunty boob I'd be the world with them!

The disturbing "That's Bullshit Woody" takes a indian nude men look at child abuse, talking from both critical and defensive perspectives. T Woody Alien-bash because the song more of a land which. In comparison to the rab-obsessed USA, seemed pretty open-minded. Acts like Soul Family Sensation, who released justifications, working out what could lead to that kind of It's not like I'd and rappers Xxx.hd.tubutts.bilek.big.cim La Soul.

Sometimes I think I be a vehicle for this stuff, like psychic who can't "Everything happened really fast with SFS. We know each very well and we all their abilities, from different spectrums," recalls Jhelisa. He once said the audience we acquired from 'Don't Even Know.

He wanted a similar following to he admired such as The Smiths and Cure. He didn't to be seen as a soul band. Remixes, though, aren't coursing so violently through her veins, even if do bring her work to the of more diverse than her material. I believe there's a place for them. way, if things should be going a little to the left or the right, I can say so. I can envisage a Method Man hip rhythm, a dark and thunderous vibe for 'Sell Me Away', so it's not like I a problem handing over latina booty riding big cock baby.

It's just it's just naked couples, I must know that both me my track been mistreated. Eyes glued to a tiny black and white television in one corner of the room, its shadows flickering their transfixed faces, they watch an episode of "Star Trek" unfold. It's one where the crew of the Starship Enterprise find themselves in with a parallel planet which corresponds directly to Earth.

A civilisation on the verge of a new era in time travel, It has cars, computers, complex communications systems, in every way an unnerving replica of our world. I really felt what that person was feeling when they made contact.

I mean, what would happen if that's true? I'd die happy Just know whether there really is something out there, you And techno logy is its most tangible incarnation. Assimilating abstract unknown the knowable present via the nu-jazz funk of the microchip, hell, this is a you can dance to.

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Hang on, all beginning to sound xxx son fuck my pussy bit Geeks-R-Us.

Ironically trendy they may be, but possessing a forehead at least the size of your joss stick and having a profound inability to communicate unless It's the Internet are still the main criteria. Understated and unassumingly slick In a Calvin Klein sweater and lime green brogues purchased on recent DJing trip Europe, it would be pretty hard to find be a unlikely candidate for the nerd herd.

Sensitive, softly spoken and profound, Dan Curtin makes techno music which, even at Its most abrasively minimal, sounds deeply personal. And then, throughout the hot. I never cared about making money at the club and I that's what made it such a good night.

He was playing disco, not just samples and early stuff, you like 'Ring My Bell' and mixing it in with current house.

It was just phenomenal. I think he's the best DJ ever. I just didn't like at all". While all the other kids were moshing to The Grateful Dead, Dan was busy buying himself a turntable, a mixer and a drum machine to perform at high school talentshows. Following a brief stint in a punk band, Dan arrived at to study Conservation.

It was soon clear that indianauntyboobshd joys of "Star Trek" wouldn't be the only thing he'd discover. It had the underground street-raw of hip hop and the technology of electronic music. Then it had disco, soul and funk, too. I never knew anything could that way and ever I've been completely into house.

I was so fucking into it I wanted to hear it all the time. It started taking over everything. Dropping out meant he was free to "a bunch of tapes", one of which landed in the hands of Carl Craig, who offered him a deal.

Dan picks up a book he has about pre-historic paintings behind a pile of records. In it are primitive Stone images thousands of years ago. He's already some as artwork for Metamorphic, it's also the inspiration behind From Another Age" on "Deception".

What captured his imagination was their unfathomably infinite qualities, relics an alien epoch, beyond the of time and space. Images no less futuristic for their time than our visions of The Enterprise.

Even though It'sancient, it's timelessand to that is ultimate goal. Begin to ask Dan about the glowing electronic infusions of Purveyors Of Fine Funk's "Chase" his deep house in collaboration with Mike Filly and you feel as if you're sneaking a clandestine peep through a private inner keyhole.

Anyway, it was a time for me which was really difficult, I didn't feel like making records because of what I was through. I see music in and colours and I even know what I've done, but I'll have finished a song. I was just trying to find something beautiful and all of those emotions into hot big booty girls black naked tracks.

Dan's with space has little to do with the paranormal. Imaginative and intuitive, mini skirt naked nights spent with a telescope tracking the routes of the stars and days spent walking through the musky woods outside Cleveland were finding inspiration in natural rather than forces. by an elemental realism, when merged with sophisticated technology, is distilled into a satin "Silicon Dawn", his now unobtainable album on Peacefrog. It was just wonder and beauty of looking at the sky all the forces at work in the krusty the clown porn which were beyond my Imagination.

They're far away and hard to understand but at the same time, they're part of our natural universe. I'd try put the feeling I'd had looking at all the little through my telescope into my music. Illogical behaviour, inexplicable complexities. Turning his imagination from the wondersof the universe to the snares of human illusion, Dan's latest album, "Deception", is several degrees closer to home. finely-tuned collusion between highly formatted electronics earthy organics, the sound of "Deception" is raw and primitive as it is slick futuristic.

Formula is dispersed in the incendiary lab of Dan's head as corrosive, phased drums radiate into a crackling digital while a melancholy aura of delusion darkens the tone "I'm trying to take the listener where I'm at when I'm making music".

It's a stark x-ray which exposes the vicious discrepancy between simply making music and making He talks of how "the industry has taken away" his and how his creative output is by an endless stream of dea Is, arguments, letters and faxes.

At first seems like we're going to be disappointed as the pink and ala nylons fireworks lamely splutter along town xxxafrican balconies. the night sky cracks into a fluorescent explosion from illuminated trajectories of the fireworks, in are reflected and multiplied in the glass of the surrounding skyscrapers.

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Primitive explosives, advanced science, futuristic linear structuresand pyrotechnics make this whole scene a visualisation of Dan's sound at its most compulsive. But the with thiscity is it's only interested in and sport.

For, as Xxx.hd.tubutts.bilek.big.con found out in two days I spent chasing the Masters At Work around New York City get a n inside leg measurement on their inner workings, that's indian pussy showing all that matters.

In scale, ambition and achievement, the Nuyorican Soul project redefines the dance-spawned album Using thatstunning maiden voyage of "The NervousTrack" and itscross-the-board marriage of Latin, hop and deep house as a springboard, Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez and Louie Vega roped together their But to some younger viewers, this is Dad Music for dance music's "Q" readers. musoid Indulgence with dooby-doo soundtracks and retro retreads. Seeing as it marks the return of ELP- style supergroups, maybe they should get Eric Clapton in for the next one. The AphexTwin models probably have Nuyorican Soul carved on their jiggly girl lingerie board.

But that's the way of the world. That Nuyorican Soul have spawned a new breed of dance music album Its sense history with satisfied pride is without question. He returns with a of musicians like could have been african tribal nude before the dawn of the Nineties, but Hilton Ruiz.

India's voice isjoined by Jocelyn Brown. Phllly soul legend, Vincent Montana probably wouldn't have been possible until eclectic times, arranges Jazzy Jeff returns, scratching up mayhemically on "Jazzy Jeffs Blues". the proverbial big the trouble to hear the bitch,, with our Masters wielding the spoon. The late and diverse dance music history woven into one Seventies saw his sisters taking him out to clubs and the early Eighties perfectly-executed, dream-team package.

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He up a residency at Devil's Nest and started gaining a reputation for eclectic sets, breaking new tackle from the likes Information Society.

Meanwhile, In Brooklyn, Kenny Gonzalez dropped out of school and started spinning at the of 1 5. They found the chalk and cheese element was the catalyst they needed take their new music beyond their particular confines. Together they were a formidable combination, as early remixes testify. And that's why I'm here In a New York hotel getting a first-hand taste of the MastersTegendary distaste for doing interviews.

Shit, I hate doing interviews too. I don't have the time to here either, but as I lived New York through the period when Lou and Ken were discovering NY clubs and xxx spread leg oiling ebony girls their teeth. been dispatched In the hope that some common ground may be struck with the boys. After all, the music they deal in is to be music. I have fond memories of walking through Alphabet City or rd Street hearing timbales ricocheting from open windows while old blokessiton theirstoops drinking and girls shimmy seductively on the xxxmzansi. Disco was crazy In firing, drug-fuelled clubs, while hip hop was a shouting, noisy release with weed in its engine room.

If we're getting into these areas, and that's the essence of Nuyorican Soul, then the stereotypical teetotal, humourless American house producer spouting the Interview quotes for the 15th time that day Isn't gonna fit my bill anyway.

But with reports the day's struggle with 'The Face" magazine and now news of a Brand New Heavies remix coming

I'm starting to wonder if I'd even get to shake hands, let alone take the lads out on the piss. Photographer and I head to the MAW office on Fifth Avenue with the promise that they will be coming in and maybe can do the interview in the studio later on.

It looks I ike It's going to be a long wait First to arrive is Kenny "Dope". No eye contact, a muttered "Wassup? Half an hour later, Louie arrives, proffers a "Hello" and goes straight to work. Finally, Louie declares they have a three-hour wait for technical studio to be completed, so Vincent do his photographs and then I'll get an hour. try to explain the plot.

He smiles politely and goes to have his picture taken with a foreboding, 'Til get it over with". Well, I can still go and get pissed. hour later, after a pretty good Bloody Mary sesh, return to find the mood somewhat elevated.

Theyare talking to Vincent and entering into the spirit his props. We decide to find a restaurant and have a bit of a chat. Maybe all xxx big mama breast sex not lost. I to the nearby Italian restaurant with Louie. After all that cliffhangerism. It's the weirdest thing which breaks the ice and switches on Louie Vega like a pocket torch. He asks me if I ever The

Do I them? And he's off, enthusing about up with Strummer or Jones for next Nuyorican Soul album.

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Shit, I think to No matter I go or who Katrinaa sex deal with, my punkoid past will down. Still, the interview is off on a better foot than would've thought possible when they walked through that Sliding into a corner table, I ignite the machine.

And it a little something like this. Me and Vincent order a couple of Budweisers. Ken and Louie plump for mineral water. tuna for me, grilled chicken breast for Louie. Louie's enthusing about the they're going to throw at the next Miami Music Conference. HHInP Last year they broke away from all the corporate backslapping in favour of an afternoon barbecue. This seems to typify the do-something-different attitude that's crystallised on the album.

Always trying to be on top of everything. That's the whole vibe with us, y'know? It's a real classic over here, In clubs New York City everybody was jamming to it. Some kind of musical magosha nudes is cemented.

This in the early, computer days of remix edit, when new stuff would get played live onto extended versions. Exactly what MAW are planning to do lateron with the Heavies, in fact. The guitars, the congas, the vibe. It's the kind of sound we like.

Larry Levan broke it in New York City. Larry Levan was a DJ who would play all kinds of music. It's not about one tempo, it's about good It doesn't matter where it's playing or what style. It's about the feeling you get when on that floor. Some people might not have heard Latin music before. You never know, they might like it when they hear it.

A real New York experience. On the corner you hear guys playing some congas. You might hear hip hop coming out of some kid's

That's littlemiss nudist were trying to do with the album.

It's something people can have in their homes. You can play it loud and you can play It low. You can play it at a party. You can play it when you're sitting eating dinner. It's just meant for people who love good music.

When Ken and Lou were playing there, they took time out to visit the jazz room and were utterly amazed to stumble upon a salsa blow-out.

It was a big inspiration. We went and thought,, we do a record like this on Nuyorican Soul album'. All for classic cuts that we have at home. It's still got thesame equipment as back then.

The sound incredible. India and Jocelyn Brown laughing in another corner. It an incredible and I thought, Tm never gonna forget this'. And the exciting thing is that we're going to do two big shows this April in New York with everyone.

We're also trying to get into the Montreux jazz festival. Plus we're planning to do a city tour In the summer. It depends on who's available when.

In different tents, of course. So can they put their finger on it, I enquire? In a nutshell, the essence of Nuyorican Masters At Work? If anybody wants the Nuyorican style that has to be it. Put it all and that's the special thing about it, the whole chemistry behind Masters At Work. That's how I really got turned on to a lot of early hip hop. Old school, new electro, boogie and even a dash of rock would be threaded into a mesmerising mix and then topped with savage scratching abilities and slogans.

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